Monday, 17 October 2011

Chennai Real Estate Guideline Value - Steep Increase Planned

The Guideline values in Chennai is soon going to soar to great heights, increasing by two to four times at many parts of the city and by about five to six times in the suburbs.

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The Hindu:
Times Of India -

While the Real Estate Guideline value has not been revised since 2007, there seems to be a sudden increase at this point. However, many high vale players are welcoming the move as it puts a check on the black money that the seller makes. But let's take a moment and see how much this impacts the buyers.


1. Good Resale on Acquisition: The total Market value will be roughly equivalent to the cost calculated based on the Guideline value. Since the registration happens at the Guideline value, buyers can be assured of a good resale price over and above their spending even in case of land acquisition by government or other power players. This is majorly not the case today, as the buyer spend around Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 per sq.ft as Market Value on Chennai suburbs, where the guideline value is Rs.300 to Rs.500 only. Since the Guideline value is what is mentioned on the book, they always face a risk of acquisition at lower cost.

2. Higher Loan Amount: Buyers can now get a greater eligibility on the Loan amount. Since loan amount is always calculated based on Guideline value, the general eligibility is around 80% of the book value. So, for a 1200 sq.ft land if the guideline value is Rs.500, the loan eligibility will be around  Rs.4,80,000. If the Market Price is say Rs.1000/sq.ft the overall Market Value of the property is Rs.12,00,000. The buyer always has to spend the remaining money out of his pocket and that mostly gets accounted as Black Money to the seller (excepting that 20% bank margin which gets accounted). Now, by getting the Guideline value same as the Market Value, it's only the 20% margin on the loan amount the buyer need to spend in cash. The rest is covered by the bank loan.


1. Higher Registration Cost: The registration cost is going to be very very higher. Since the registration and stamp duty is going to be 9% of the property value (based on guideline value), they are going to increase in similar proportions as the guideline value - 3 to 6 times. Taking the same example of Rs.1200 sq.ft plot and considering Rs.500 as the previous guideline value and Rs.1000 as the new guideline value, the approx registration cost is going to vary from Rs.54,000 to Rs.1,08,000 after the proposed change.

Our examples have illustrated an increase of 2 folds. If it's going to happen 3 to 6 folds imagine the difference it's going to make for the buyer, the seller, the bank and the Government.

Nevertheless, it's a good approach to curb the black money and put a noose around the neck of all those real estate businessmen who are making a lot of profit, but I fear there's going to be lot of adverse impacts on the buyers side and as a result the demand is going to come down very soon. This is a quote from "The Hindu"
The value of properties in the suburbs particularly along the major roads has been substantially increased. For instance, the existing guideline value in Tiruporur along the Rajiv Gandhi Salai is about Rs.400 per square foot, and it is now proposed to be revised to Rs.3,000 per square foot. Similarly the guideline value in Guduvancheri is proposed to be revised from Rs.550 to Rs.4,000 per square foot. 

I would still say this is a disproportionate increase. Property costs on these areas increased around 7 times since 2007? I fear not! Let's see how it goes.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

SRK at Chennai for Ra.One Tamil Audio Release

The Bollywood superstar was in Chennai this week for the tamil Audio release of his upcoming film Ra.One. In this Video interview, he speaks about his character Shekar Subramaniam, a Software Engineer from the South who makes Ra.One for his son, to prove him that he is a cool geek!

Shah Rukh was also high on praise for our superstars Kamal Hassan, Rajinikanth and Ajith and also lauded our technicians as one of the best in class in the world. Watch this video for his full speech. He seem to be very clear and candid with his spontaneous answers. SRK says that he has plans to make his next two films  available in Tamil and would love to make it a regular affair! You are welcome anytime here Shah Rukh Ji!

You can also check out this print interview on The Hindu Chennai Edition, with Sudhish Kamath. A lovely read! Well done Sudhish. Looking forward for your audio interview recording with him. 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

CL T20 Semi-Final on Chennai under Rain Threat

It's raining in Chennai since 3PM. I'm afraid, that today's semi-final is going to be a wash out. The rain is also accompanied by heavy wind, and the dark clouds on the distant horizon does not leave any sign of hope.

I'm still surprised why the semi-finals and finals were scheduled for Chennai, when it is a given that October to December is a rainy reason here. Let's still hope!

Trans Car India's Mercedes Benz - New showroom in Chennai

The Trans Car India group has opened a brand new Mercedes Benz showroom in GST Road, Chennai. The showroom which was in construction for around one year was sporting a festive look yesterday, buzzing with activity. The brand new showroom has opened near the Radisson Hotel, very near to the airport.

The section from Guindy to Airport now houses a lot of premier car dealers starting from Toyota near Le Royal Meridian to the now introduced Merc near Radisson and the existing Honda and BMW closer to the airport.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Shriya Fashions

Shriya Fashions specialize in kurtis, salwar materials etc., They have a good collection of kurtis especially at a very reasonable price. This new shop is opened just couple of months back. With the collections and price ranges they offer, I would strongly recommend for a visit to this showroom. One advice is, better to get the kurtis double stitched though it costs few extra bucks since most of their ready made kurtis are with single stitch. Affordable price range is their biggest plus. Good collection of accessories , purses, handbags etc., are also attractive.

If you pass by Kasturba nagar, take a moment to stop by.
4, 1st Main Road, Kasturba Nagar,
Chennai - 20 .
(Canara Bank basement)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Welcome to Chennai Reviews!

Welcome to Chennai Reviews! Our aim is to provide you with a one stop place for anything Chennai.

Check out this page for interesting things on Chennai. We will be providing first hand information about Chennai Eat-Outs, Shopping Malls, Movie Theatres, Music Events, Temples and any information on the Chennai Social, Humanities, Art and Science circle which would interest you.